For Magazines:

"Let your viewers participate in your magazine!"

"Deliver your articles to your viewers instantly!"

The Glass Magazine was a fashion and art magazine with a successful WordPress website. The problem that they were encountering however was that as mobile devices became more prevalent with their readers, so did the demand for mobile access to their content.

Instead of using an newsstand downloadable version of their magazine, the owners of Glass opted for a mobile app made with IdeaPress that would allow them to provide their viewers with a constant stream of new articles and issues instead of forcing them to wait for a monthly edition. On top of that, with their new app, the people at Glass could respond to comments and requests made from the app to help deliver better content to their viewers.

Overall, creating their app with IdeaPress allowed Glass Magazine to convert their content into the mobile world, while giving their viewers the ability to better dictate the direction the magazine would take in the future.

For Bloggers:

"Let your readers view your content offline!"

"Give your blog presence in the mobile world!"

One Smiley Monkey is a lifestyle blog run by Angela, a new mother who felt inundated by all of the product decisions that new mothers had to make.

After successfully cultivating a enormous follower base for her blog, Angela turned to looking for a way to make an app that her viewers could use. She wanted an app because she wanted to give her viewers the ability to look up product reviews while they were in the store, without forcing them to use a mobile website.

Together with the IdeaPress team, Angela made an app that featured her product reviews and allowed her viewers to search for products while they were in stores shopping. An added advantage of IdeaPress that Angela was that viewers could comment on reviews while shopping and Angela could answer any additional questions that they had!

For Professionals:

"Reach customers even when they're on-the-go."

"Create a new image for your company with a mobile presence!"

Make Web Not War is a newly launched Microsoft partner initiative to spread awareness and teach about the benefits of Open Data and Open Government. Being a newly launched community, they were struggling at gaining viewership and the valuable contacts that would help them grow.

IdeaPress attached Make Web Not War by how easy it is to convert their site into iOS, Android and winPhone. It allows Make Webt Not War to grow their community via multi-monitor devices, which is important for Make Web Not War community.

Their new app lets users add sources of open data to their website while actively participating in the community on-the-go!