Features that comes with your app

IdeaPress comes with loads of features out of the box.


WordPress is best known for its ease-of-use and customization options. When you're making your iOS, Android and Winphone apps with IdeaPress you get to choose exactly how you want to make your app ranging from the content that's included to the design and styling.

Offline Browsing

Tired of not being able to read your content you have no internet? Solve the problem with IdeaPress! IdeaPress stores the content of your website so that it can be accessed on mobile devices anytime, anywhere!

Posts and Pages

Choose which categories and pages you want to include in your apps and even choose different content for platforms, whether it be iOS, Android or Windows Phone. IdeaPress format your content to fit on all devices, so your posts and pages look good on the go!

Bookmarking, Sharing and Searching

One of the main reasons to get an app over a mobile website is to take advantage of device native features. IdeaPress apps can harness the power of the devices that they are on across all platforms and let users search the content of your website, share posts and pages and bookmark articles for later viewing.

Dynamic updating

While most apps have to be resubmitted to the store when updating, IdeaPress apps can be updated through your dashboard and have the changes pushed directly to the apps withing minutes without re-publishing. Users get to benefit from your changes almost instantly instead of waiting for store certification.